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Enrollment in Resurrection Academy comes with the expectation that students conduct themselves, both on and off campus, in accordance with Christian principles upheld by the school, as determined by Resurrection Academy at its discretion. Likewise, parents/guardians of enrolled students are required to adhere to standards of conduct consistent with the Christian principles of the school. The Christian principles encompass the following expectations: 

  • Parents/guardians are expected to collaboratively and courteously work with the school to support the student in meeting the Christian, academic, moral, and behavioral expectations.

  • Both students and parents/guardians are encouraged to express concerns about the school's operation and personnel respectfully. However, expressions of concern should avoid being discourteous, scandalous, profane, rumor-driven, disruptive, threatening, hostile, or divisive. 

  • These expectations extend to all school-sponsored programs and events, including extended care, athletics, field trips, and extra and co-curricular activities. 

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