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Lord Jesus, we ask you to bless all those involved in Catholic school education.

Give our clergy and school administrators the courage and

wisdom to lead our schools, to serve you as faithful witnesses, and to

uphold our mission to lead others to you.

Give our educators who are willing to embrace this vocation of service

the grace to teach and guide those entrusted to them with integrity

and joyful enthusiasm.

Give us the resources that we need to continue to offer programs of

academic excellence, rooted in you and faithful to your teachings,

for all those who seek a Catholic school education.

Give our parents the graces needed to be united with you and to guide

their children to seek you with a sincere heart.  Give our students an appreciation

of the gift of a Catholic school education, keep them faithful and

ready to challenge our culture because of the formation

they have received.

Finally, give all of our parishioners a deeper awareness of our universal

call to holiness and our responsibility to lead others to seek and find you, especially

through sharing in the work and mission of our Catholic schools.

We ask your holy mother's prayerful intercession so that through, with, and in you,

we too may "encourage and teach with patience" (2Tim.4:2)

and grow in wisdom, age, and grace before God and before all (cf. Lk. 2:52).


Bishop Paul Loverde

Diocese of Arlinton

Pastoral Letter

January 30, 2006

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