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All teachers at Resurrection Academy integrate content and skills across the curriculum using diverse teaching methods and activities tailored to students’ learning styles. The selection of textbooks adheres strictly to state recommendations and diocesan approvals, ensuring the appropriateness and consistency of subject matter. The school follows directives from the Diocese of San Bernardino aligning the curriculum with Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines and State Common Core standards. In pursuit of our school mission statement, philosophy, and Schoolwide Learning Expectations, we are committed to delivering a comprehensive Catholic Christian education.

Core Curriculum


• Mathematics

• Religion / Family Life

• Sacrament Preparation (Third Grade)

• Science

• Social Studies

• Weekly Liturgy


Enrichment Curriculum

• Art

• Physical Education

• Spanish (Middle School)


Enrichment Programs

• Academic Decathlon

• Advent Program

• Altar Server Ministry

• Athletics (volleyball, flag football, basketball, track, soccer)

• Buddy Class Activities

• Charism Project

• Choir

• Community Service Projects

• Field Trips

• History Fair

• International Day 

• Knights of Columbus Contests

• Literature Fair

• Local and National Contests

• May Crowning

• Retreats

• Schoolwide Charism Service Project

• Science Fair


• Student Council

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