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The Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLE) embody a comprehensive preschool-8 framework committed to nurturing positive relationships, advancing academic achievement, and embodying Catholic social teachings through impactful community service initiatives. Rooted in the school’s charism, the SLEs not only guide students in acquiring knowledge and skills but also emphasize spiritual values. These expectations serve as a compass, and outline the attributes students embody upon graduation from Resurrection Academy. We expect students and graduates who attend Resurrection Academy to become:

Lifelong and essential learners who:

  • Can work both cooperatively and independently.

  • Demonstrate a strong interest in expanding their Catholic faith.

  • Are internally motivated to enhance intellectual growth.

  • Utilize and expand their knowledge of technology.


Effective communicators who:

  • Utilize verbal, auditory, artistic, and written forms of communication effectively and appropriately.

  • Understand, utilize, and apply appropriate terms when communicating with various audiences.

  • Apply technology to assist in research and presentations for oral and written expression.

  • Demonstrate active listening skills.


Creative critical thinkers who:

  • Can analyze and integrate the information and resources around them to make their own decisions.

  • Cognitively and rationally distinguish between moral and immoral choices.

  • Use the Gospel values and teachings of the Church as well as cultural belief systems when deciding appropriate courses of action.

  • Use logic and reasoning to make responsible decisions.

  • Use creativity to discover ways to overcome challenges and resolve conflicts peacefully.


Responsible Catholic Christian citizens who:

  • Are active, positive participants in their communities and churches.

  • Appreciate and respect, self, others, authority, community, and environment.

  • Take responsibility for their actions.

  • Model Christ-centered behavior.

  • Foster Catholic Christian values such as compassion, tolerance, and respect for the dignity of life.

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