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Resurrection Academy will maximize the use of technology to enrich and expand the tradition of excellence in Catholic education.


We at Resurrection Academy are a community of dedicated Catholic educators whose goal is to provide a Gospel-centered environment for our students and families.  For sixty years we have served as a ministry of the community of St. John XXIII grounded in an atmosphere of service and stewardship wherein our students may discover a respect for self and others thereby developing their God-given potential for service and peace.  


We believe in the personal dignity and worth of every individual.  We encourage and develop a sincere spirit of caring, a sense of civic duty, community service, and pride throughout the student body, faculty, and families.  We celebrate a rich Catholic tradition through faith sharing, liturgy, sacramental preparation, Reconciliation, and Holy Eucharist.


Our goal is to provide a multi-faceted curriculum that promotes spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical growth.  We are committed to fostering a positive self-image and desire within our children to be life-long learners, creative critical thinkers, responsible Catholic citizens, and effective communicators by developing their sense of personal growth and independence, challenging their limitations, and building on their strengths.  We prepare our students for leadership roles and to meet the demands of our rapidly changing world by immersing them in technology, collaboration, and creativity.


We believe that parents are the first and most important educators of their children.  We instill the values of Catholic schools, including service, respect for self and others, discipline, high academic standards, prayer, and worship, with the support and commitment of the parents.  We work to provide a well-rounded experience and to form our students into disciples of Christ.  To this end, we build bridges of communication that will enable us to work in partnership with our parents to improve each student’s potential for individual excellence.


Finally, our school is blessed with students from various racial, cultural, religious, social, and economic backgrounds.  We recognize, utilize, and celebrate these differences as gifts that enrich our school community.


Resurrection Academy is fully accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association (W.C.E.A.) and by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (W.A.S.C.).

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