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The Student Council at Resurrection Academy serves as a cornerstone for fostering citizenship, leadership, and a commitment to scholarship within the framework of Catholic Christian values. With a mission to instill school spirit and demonstrate the practical application of democracy. The Student Council actively engages in providing value services to the school community and serves as role models to the student body. The Student Council comprises dedicated elected officers, including the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Religious Commissioner, Activities Commissioner, Publicity Commissioner, Ecology Commissioner, Historian, and at times Class Representatives. 


The election process commences in May, with eligible students receiving applications. Candidates complete the applications. Candidates complete the application and secure teacher endorsements. Only students meeting academic and conduct qualifications can run for Student Council. Campaign week precedes speeches and elections, with candidates elected to the office they campaigned for. Unsuccessful candidates may be appointed to open positions. The Student Council plays a vital role in upholding the values and spirit of Resurrection Academy, contributing to a vibrant and engaged school community. 

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