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Resurrection Academy provides opportunities for spiritual engagement through altar server formation and participation in the school choir. Altar Server eligibility is open to Catholic students who have received their First Holy Communion. The orientation class is organized by designees from St. John XXIII Parish. Students in grades 3-8 are invited to join the choir. The choir contributes music for weekly school mass and other school-sponsored occasions. Students are expected to attend regular weekly rehearsals. 


Through service activities, students have the opportunity to live out Gospel values, embodying the teachings of Jesus Christ by selflessly serving others, particularly those in need. Community service fosters empathy and compassion within students as they gain a deeper understanding of social justice issues faced by members of their community. Serving together strengthens community bonds, fostering a sense of solidarity among students, faculty, and the wider community. Through service, students develop leadership skills and become prepared to make positive contributions to society. By serving others, students witness their faith in action. 

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